GetVideostream getting acces to folder not authorized!(weird non existent nero files .vop.mp4)

  • So i really love the getvideostrem+chromecast combo
    but recently i noticed that it gets more acces than i allow it

    i permit to get into the folder H:/movies works fine finds all the data

    but on the app on my android i now can also acces H:/Programme/Nero (that floods my list with hundreds of weird entries like forexample: Sc 2900b.vob or Loop6.mpv)

    what is especcially weird is that i dont have Nero installed or even that folder on my harddrive unde r H:/Programme there is only Adobe see screenshot)0_1463428888640_screenshot.JPG

    what can i do?? i tried the nero clean tool (even thou i dont have nero isntalled) also did a factory reset of my phone still nothing!

    pls help as this is really ruining my fun with the app

    trying to delete registry entries manually

  • are the guys form getvideostream even reading forums???

  • now i tried reinstlling chrome resetting my phone still no change, tried with 3! phones (Samsung S3 OnePlusX and Sony Z3) still all those weird files

    PLS HELP!!

  • all reisntall chrome new app new , resettet phone, tried on 3 phones oneplus x, samsung S3, and sons Z3 always weird as F files showing up!

    alt text

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