loan without leaving home

  • Who took a loan without leaving home, advise me a reliable company?

  • You can issue a loan to a card without leaving your home immediately on the website All you need is internet access and an active bank card. This service is very popular among those who urgently need a small amount of money. They work even on weekends and holidays.

  • For everyone else who does not have such an opportunity, it is useful to understand that almost every bank wants to lend money to profitable enterprises that have existed for at least three years and have sufficient collateral to cover the loan amount. Unfortunately, this also does not apply to many businesses due to the following obstacles:

    A) the business hasn't been around for three years
    B) the business does not show sufficient profit (cash flow) to service the proposed monthly repayment of the payment debt
    c) there is not enough collateral to secure the loan (banks do not issue loans for 100% of the cost of equipment or real estate, then they usually lend from 75% to 80% of what is worth something).
    E) the owner (s) of the business do not have enough funds to cover the shortage of collateral (the difference between what the bank will give a loan, and what equipment or real estate costs)
    E) Banks do not like to lend money to enterprises for labor remuneration, marketing, advertising, tax payment, etc. They expect the business to generate enough cash flow to pay for these things without having to borrow money to cover these costs.
    F) Banks will lend money for working capital, but they usually lend money at 75% of the booked receivables when the product that your business produces has already been sold and you are waiting for payment from the client.

  • Honestly, the easiest way to get a business loan is to get a home equity line of credit in your personal home (assuming you have some capital), and then use that money for your business. For my business start, I took a 1000 dollar loan and I managed to pay off my loan in 2 weeks, as my business is growing.

  • @Makanoki
    Yes, Home equity line of credit helps to get a business loan. Sometimes, If business is growing then you're able to pay off the loan in months. If business in loss, then you're in trouble to pay off the loan easily. Equity Accelerator Program is the best way to pay off the mortgage or loan in months. In this program, you can save your monthly expenses to pay off the mortgage.

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