Nexus player support.

  • I noticed when streaming to the nexus player (it has the chromecast stream function in it) it doesn't play well it.

    I've tried MKVs so far and it would play for a second or so and then freeze. the progress bar on the videostream however would show no progress.

    to make sure it was most likely the nexus player itself causing the issue i tried the same file on a chromecast and it worked good.

    i'm just wondering if there is any support for the nexus player currently or if not if there will be in the future?

    thank you.

  • @Blackiisky We're working on this one! We just got our Nexus Player today and have uncovered some madness. Google threw us a curve ball on this one - it's supposed to work 100% the same as Chromecast but it doesn't look that way AT ALL.

    We'll blast out an announcement over Twitter, this forum, Reddit, etc when it's good to go.

    Sorry. :(

  • status update?

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