How to Forward AOL Mail to Gmail Account?

  • Suppose you are using multiple email addresses on your system; you can send your emails from different email addresses at a single email server. It never seems that emails are sent from other email addresses. Few steps are mentioned below to forward the AOL email to your Gmail account.
    ● Sign in to your Gmail account
    ● Choose the menu icon on the right and then Accounts and Imports
    ● Choose Check Email from other accounts and Add an email account
    ● Type your email address in the display box and then press Next
    ● Examine the email server details and type your email address when asked
    ● Choose the “Leave a copy of the retrieved messages on the server” to keep AOL copies
    ● Choose Add Account
    After going with the above methods, you can switch from AOL mail to your Gmail account. If any problem exists, you must call the AOL helpline number to fix it.
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