Delete 'My Library' on Android

  • Hi!

    I wonder how I can delete my library on Android phone. I haven't found any way to clear the 'history'.

    If there is no such funktion, will such come in future updates? It would be great. :)


  • Huge +1 here, there's so many things in my Library that aren't on my computer anymore and will never be watched again.

    If when it scans it could refresh the library with the current contents of the Target computer that would be far preferable.

  • Have you tried removing the library folders on your computer? I'm pretty sure it'll update if you remove them and then add them again,

  • @notwist .. Hello notwist, yup I have tried that path too. I moved the films I still had, then I deleted the pathway, and re-added (once with a new name of the folder, and once with same old) and after the update on the android,. In the my library the "recently downloaded" list a few films 'vanish' but most are listed as "older downloads" when I look in "alphabetical" all the film are still there.

    I'm on a Nexus 5x with 6.0.1 android sys. btw.

  • I also have this problem along with the same video showing up multiple times. I am not going to alter the directory structure on my external drives and screw up my sharing and mapped drives on other computers on the network to satisfy an app. There has to be a way to do this. If I find it I'll be glad to post what I did here but until then I'll keep digging and checking back here.


  • Try unpairing and paring the device again from the app. To me that works fine.
    The downside, you will lose the tracking of were you left any videos ;)

  • Hello @Gammafan , I forgot to mention that too. I have done unpairing and the pairing again. But doesn't help, the whole list is there. Not when I go in and force quit the app, clean the cache and data, the my my library is still listing all the films that has been played through videostream in the my library.

    I have even gone so far that I uninstalled the app on the phone and then reinstalled it. Still the list is there.

    I have looked in the chrome web-app too if there is anywhere to delete the list, but find nothing. I took away the the library within the videostream app on chrome, made a new folde for the films and added a "new" folder as a library. But doesn't help. When I open videostream in nexus, the my library is filled with films that is no more, in the alphabetic section.


  • Does support actually address these problems?.. I have the same issues as above, but only since I upgraded mobile phones, recently. Samsung Galaxy S3 to a Huawei P8, both Android. Damned annoying, as I use this App all the time, and was thinking of going Premium, until this problem. :-(

  • I am having this problem as well. So far, none of the suggestions have worked.

  • I selected D: HDD disc as folder on my computer and there were things of everything you don't want be seen... :)

    So go to Chrome/ Extensions and remove the app. Close Chrome, open again and go to extensions and load the app again.

    On folder settings, the tab should be no previous folders.

    Set a new one, on android, is refreshed immediately

  • THis is crazy I have the same problem in Nov 2017. It's a really old bug I can't believe it has not been fixed yet. It's driving me mad I have all these deleted or name changed files on my android and I can't tell if it's a real file or a shadow file pathway that has not been cleaned up upon syncing. Then the app freezes when I mistakenly click on a non-existent file.

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