Stuck at "Choose a video"

  • Does anyone ever get a reply that is not an auto response from the 6 guys in a house in Canada? My videostream worked like a charm for years, and then it didn't (wouldn't let me :Choose a video"). I downloaded the Chrome app and it started working again - for a week. Now I have changed absolutely nothing with my laptop, router, or chromecast and yet I am stuck again at the screen saying "Choose a video" even though I have tried this with three different downloaded movies. I tried the Help contact last night and got the auto response. Then I tried all of their suggestions on that page but it did no good. In trying to tell the "6 guys" this information, I received the same auto response list of suggestions another two times. Quit in utter frustration. Is anyone else having this problem? have an answer? I am far from tech proficient (too damn old) but would appreciate some simple steps to follow. Thanks.

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