Thesis Writing Tips

  • The formulation of the problem is a question that will be answered through data collection to support solving a problem.
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    The formulation of the problem is written in the form of a question and must be asymmetrical reciprocal to asymmetrical the topic or research that you want to discuss.
    If the background contains the problem that you want to discuss, then the problem formulation will contain the questions from that problem.
    How Can You Make a Good Problem Formulation?
    To make a good problem statement, some things that you must pay attention to include:
    The problem is formulated in the form of an interrogative sentence
    The answer can be obtained scientifically (there are data and facts)
    Written clearly and concisely (not ambiguous or multiple interpretations)
    Not against the law
    Formulated problems can benefit science and society
    Types of Problem Formulations

    1. Descriptive Problem Formulation
      Descriptive problem formulation is a problem formulation that contains questions about something that has independent variables.

    2. Comparative Problem Formulation
      The formulation of a comparative problem is a problem formulation whose question is to compare one thing with another.

    3. Associative Problem Formulation
      The associative problem formula is a problem formulation that asks about the relationship between 2 or more variables.

    The relationship in question is a symmetrical, causal, and reciprocal (interactive) relationship.

    Causal Relationships
    The opposite of symmetric, a causal relationship is a relationship that shows cause and effect.
    Reciprocal (Interactive) Relationships
    A reciprocal relationship is a relationship that influences each other.
    Examples of Problem Formulations in Various Papers
    So, to understand better, you can see some examples of problem formulations in various kinds of writing below.
    Examples of Research Problem Formulations
    Research is generally divided into 2 categories, namely quantitative research and qualitative research.

    1. Quantitative Research
      The formulation of the problem in quantitative research has variables that will affect the final result and will put more emphasis on numbers.
    2. Qualitative Research
      In contrast to quantitative research, problem formulation in qualitative research will prioritize the quality of the problems to be discussed.
      Examples of Scientific Work Problem Formulations
      The scientific work used in the example discusses the effect of fertilizers on corn seeds so that the problem formulations obtained are:

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