Completely broken in new Chrome

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately it appears that VideoStream is completely broken in the newest version of Chrome.
    I am on Win7 and the dev channel of Chrome. VideoStream work fine on version 48.0.2564.10 of Chrome but after I was updated to 50.0.2652.2 (inadvertently, thanks to Chromes updater) it no longer works. The app loads fine but when I open any video it never works, the background screenshot is never even loaded, it shows the video as having a 0 length and shows buffering on the Chromecast. This happens for all videos. There is an error in the Chrome Console:

    extensions::uncaught_exception_handler:8 Error in event handler for (unknown): TypeError: Cannot read property 'original' of null
    at a.f._onBackgroundQualityPresetSelected (chrome-extension://cnciopoikihiagdjbjpnocolokfelagl/js/app.min.js:13:14536)
    at a.d.emitEvent (chrome-extension://cnciopoikihiagdjbjpnocolokfelagl/js/app.min.js:3:14526)
    at a.d.emit (chrome-extension://cnciopoikihiagdjbjpnocolokfelagl/js/app.min.js:3:14725)
    at a.d._onQualityPresetSelected (chrome-extension://cnciopoikihiagdjbjpnocolokfelagl/js/app.min.js:7:14798)
    at a.d.emitEvent (chrome-extension://cnciopoikihiagdjbjpnocolokfelagl/js/app.min.js:3:14526)
    at a.d.emit (chrome-extension://cnciopoikihiagdjbjpnocolokfelagl/js/app.min.js:3:14725)
    at a.d._onMessage (chrome-extension://cnciopoikihiagdjbjpnocolokfelagl/js/app.min.js:6:31165)

    After rolling Chrome back to version 48 it works again but it's hard to prevent Chrome from updating. Someone posted this issue on your Chrome Extensions page a few days ago but there has been no response.
    My VideoStream version is
    Would appreciate if this could be investigated. It's a great extension when it works!

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