How to Choose a Power Bank for Your Phone

  • Knowing how to choose a power bank for your phone is an important step when just leaving the house for a day, much less planning a long or overseas journey. As overseas travelers are focused on connectivity more than ever before, a reliable, affordable power bank is a must-have for anyone setting out to explore faraway lands.

    As you explore the various options for power banks, here are some key questions to consider when choosing a phone power bank:

    How many devices will need a portable charge? How many ports do you need?
    Do you want a device compatible with your phones fast charge capabilities?
    Wireless, cord, or both charging?
    How often do you expect to be away from easily accessible power sources?
    Are there weight limitations involved with your baggage (for example, will you be hiking and carrying heavy gear and equipment during your travels)?
    Do you have older devices that might present compatibility issues?
    What is your budget?
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    About How to Choose a Power Bank for Your Phone
    First, we’ll begin by explaining how a power bank works. A portable power bank stores electrical energy supplied by an outlet and allows you to “deposit” that energy later into a mobile device. Power banks have to be charged, sometimes for a considerable period of time, but will store enough electrical energy to fully power a device several times over. It should be noted that power banks will always experience loss due to resistance, so the full capacity of the power bank is not transferred to the device, and this is a factor when we calculate and estimate how many times a particular device can be charged. Additionally, the lower the charge on your device, the more the portable power bank has to work to recharge it. So, ideally, you do not want to wait until the device is fully depleted of battery life before using a portable power bank.

    Almost any device that is USB charged can be used with a portable power bank provided you remember to keep the power bank charged! It is best to remove the power bank from the charge as soon as it is full and most have an LED indicator to display full capacity. Some come with an “auto cutoff” feature as well.

    A general guideline for the charge provided by varying mAh batteries is as follows:

    1500 mAh: typically one full charge of a cell phone
    5200 mAh: typically two full charges of a cell phone and a tablet to 50%
    10000 mAh: typically four full charges of a cell phone and a tablet to 100%
    Higher mAh units are available as well. These will be more expensive options, but possibly beneficial to those with numerous devices to charge during travel.
    Environmental conditions can affect the lifespan of a portable power bank and you should keep this in mind as you decide to invest in one. For example, if you plan to travel for long periods of time in extreme weather conditions, this may have an impact on the long-term durability of the power bank you choose.

    When deciding how to choose a power bank for your phone, check your devices for their battery capacity, which is measured in milliamp hours (mAh). As long as your portable power bank exceeds the mAh number on the device, you will get a full charge out if it, if not several. Be sure to consider if you plan to charge multiple devices. If this is the case, you will need a portable power bank with more than one output to charge the devices simultaneously. Obviously, these models can be more expensive, but they can also save precious time during travel.

    You will also need to check compatibility with the portable power banks to make sure your devices are included or you can compare its specs to your existing charger. You do not want to find out in the midst of travel that your cable and the power bank produce a very slow charge. Additionally, the output voltage of the power bank should be equal to or higher than your device.

    Recommended Phone Power Banks & Portable Chargers
    A few recommended portable power banks for travelers and some of their key features are outlined below and at Best Power Banks for Your Phone.

    Anker PowerCore 20100 Portable Charger
    The Anker PowerCore intelligently identifies connected devices and can charge the iPhone 6s up to seven times, the Galaxy S6 up to five times, or the iPad mini 4 twice. Weighs 12.56 ounces and can simultaneously charge two devices. Comes with a portable charger, a Micro USB cable, a convenient and protective travel pouch, a welcome guide, and an 18-month warranty for users.
    Choose a Power Bank for Your Phone
    Staying in touch with friends, family or work at home is a must for many globetrotters. Technology allows us to keep our loved ones connected to our journeys and we can share thrilling moments as they happen, thanks to smartphones and tablets. Since a smartphone or tablet is only as good as its battery life in many remote locations, where power outlets aren’t readily available for a quick charge, consider learning how to choose a power bank for your phone.

  • Hello everyone here. Guys, can you please recommend me some nice and reliable power banks for my laptop? Thank you all in advance for any recommendations here.

  • Hello Monica! Unfortunately, I don't really understand what to recommend you right now because I don't know a lot about such chargers. Anyway I have searched some information on the Internet and I have found here one informative and nice resource for you and I believe that you may find the best portable charger exactly for your needs with the help of their articles and their guides there.

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