Can Subtitled Movies Help Language Learning?

  • Can Subtitled Movies Help Language Learning?

  • First of all, you need to determine your level of knowledge. If a beginner, just learning the basics of the language, immediately starts watching complex films in the original, this is unlikely to benefit him, rather the opposite. It's also important to consider preferences. Forcing yourself to watch movies and TV shows that you don't like at all will discourage any desire to learn.

  • Of course it will help! Watching your favorite movies and TV shows can be not only enjoyable, but also very rewarding. If you watch them in the original, you can significantly increase the level of knowledge of the desired language: learn to perceive a foreign language by ear, replenish the vocabulary with new words and phrases, and improve pronunciation. By the way, I am currently watching online Japanese Movies with English subtitles and by doing this I improve my pronunciation and get to know the culture

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