• Do you remember that professor at the University who reviewed your work word by word, point by point? Well, that's how strict Google is. Here are our tips for your blog to be found.

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    We have already talked about the importance of the quality of your posts to hook audiences, but what do we need to hook Google, and how can we convince it to position ourselves in its first search places?

    For this question there are many answers that range from investing monetary amounts in ads, to misusing keywords.

    The quality of your products will always be the most important thing for Google, as its algorithms analyze, pixel by pixel, the websites that it offers results when someone performs a search.

    In its blog, Google reveals some of the questions that its robots ask themselves when searching web pages, such as:How many times do the keywords you searched for appear? Are there synonyms for these words on the other pages of the site? Or, how much quality is there in the texts?


    So fooling this search engine with fake SEO strategies is not a good option. What we really need to do to get Google to take our websites into account is optimize them and create valuable content.

    Commonly, people who use search engines do so to try to solve their doubts or problems, and it is precisely specialized blogs that can help them in this process.

    It is proven that the most successful pages are those that provide new solutions to their audiences.

    If you are about to start with a content strategy or are just with a blog, find out how you can offer your readers really useful content, this will help you when the algorithms do their rigorous research.

    In your posts, do not forget to include a brief introduction of what your text is about, as this will appear on the results page and will help users to know if it is really that information they are looking for.

    Remember that the keywords, or keywords, are the ones that Google has to locate to select the pages that it will offer to the user; We recommend including them in the title of your post, in the "meta description" and in the body of your post. If you are not yet familiar with these terms, I recommend you consult our entry"The 5 most frequent questions about SEO" .

    Although the algorithms are constantly updated, and each time different criteria are taken to evaluate websites, quality will always be the most important thing for both your audience and search engines.


    An intriguing title. Think about the phrases your readers are going to look for and try to creatively include them in the title.

    Relevant images. Do not neglect the visual element that accompanies your text and always try to put a relevant name to your image. Also share it on your social networks to generate more interaction.

    Introduction that hooks. Grab the attention of your readers from the start; It is not easy, practice makes perfect.

    Use subtitles or lists. Present your information in the most attractive way for better reading.

    Don't forget to give advice. That's what your readers are really looking for, so highlight it clearly and visibly in your text.

    Highlight your best ideas. Support yourself with the use of bold to highlight important points.

    Invite interaction. You can ask questions or openly call for the participation of your readers to encourage the use of comments.

    In the end, a good Call-to-Action should not be lacking. If your readers made it to the end of the text, the cherry on the cake will be the extra valuable content you can offer in the form of a downloadable.


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