Shuddering problem

  • Some times when i play 1080p movies i get extreme shuddering and some times i don't. I feel with my system i should have no problems streaming any movies. Are there limitations on Videostream or chrome cast that i am not aware of. Specs of everything and one of the movies that i have problems with below.

    My computer is nothing special but has a quadcore with 8 gigs of RAM. When playing this movie over video stream this is what CPU usage looks like CPU Usage.JPG


    I have a Linksys WTR1900AC. This computer is directly connected to it via a LAN cable. I have also given video stream service the highest priority on my network. The Chrome cast is connected via AC not N. When i took these screen shots Chrome cast was the only thing connected via WIFI
    Router Config.JPG

    This is the movie file is a MKV and is right under 3 gigs. I opened the file in VLC to take Screen shots of the properties:
    Movie codec.JPG

    Video File 1.JPG

    Hopefully this is enough information to get to the bottom of my problem?

  • So upon further trouble shooting i have found the chrome cast its self is the problem. I thought maybe the problem might be that its doesn't receive a strong enough wifi signal so i started swapping it with other chrome casts in the house (I have 4, one on each TV, i never use the other three). When putting another chrome cast in the same position it works fine. No matter where i put the suspected bad chrome case it shudders.

    I've tried restarting it and factory resetting it and it still shudders, going to exchange it for another one this week.

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