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    1.Oracle Schema Objects: It is termed as the collection of database objects that are owned by a database user. These schema objects are usually the logical structures created by the user; such as tables and indexes, which is one of the technology Covered In **[Oracle Assignment Help](** .
    2.Oracle Auditing: Oracle Database enables the system administrators to implement the privacy for the information stored in the database. It allows the user to detect suspicious activities and security responses.
    3.Data Integrity: It allows the users to describe the requirements that the data in a database needs to meet. For further information on the topic of data integrity, our  **[Oracle Assignment Help](** experts are always ready to assist students so that they can get good grades.
    4.Transaction Management: It is a unit of work that contains a group of SQL statements that can be applied to the database. A user can use the transaction management statements to manage connections and transactions for an Oracle Database.
    5.Single-Row Functions: They are used to function on single rows and helps in operating the data values. In general terms, the function takes one or more than one inputs and gives a single value as output.
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    Oracle is a type of database which is often called the object-relational database management system. It is the brainchild of the Oracle Company. The simplest Oracle definition may be a database that collects and stores in itself a number of different kinds of data. The main purpose behind the Oracle database And **[Oracle Assignment Help](** is to make the users capable of storing and retrieving data from a single point. Oracle as a service is used in a number of different kinds of industries and companies. Hence, a lot of students take up Oracle as a subject in order to pursue it on a higher level in their careers. Students studying it are often given Oracle database projects and assignments. The students often look for Oracle project management methodology and **[Oracle Assignment Help](** on the internet. Best Assignment Support has the best subject matter experts for Oracle and hence, it provides the best kind of help with Oracle database projects.

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