Cast only video (not audio)

  • Hi all,

    I want to be able to cast only the video through the chrome app of VideoStream because I have excellent speakers connected to my pc and I don't want to switch the speakers cable everytime I play a video file on chromecast through videostream. I tried different audio settings in options and that didn't work. Is it possible?


  • No, there is no way to synch the 2 streams between the pc and the chromecast. Remember the player is the chromecast, not your browser app. You would better off be asking how can I make my chromecast output audio to my pc speakers.

  • Hi mate,

    Take the problem around: I believe your PC speakers are used through a jack input. Well just plug that jack input into the one of the TV and the sound will get through your PC speakers...As simple as that!

  • You can buy a device (eg. Blackrock HDMI converter) that will take HDMI input and pass the video and audio signals to the HDMI output. But it also "taps" the audio and makes it available separately to stereo RCA plugs.
    You can then connect those to an amp, speaker bar etc.

    So, you could plug the Chromecast into the input of that device and use an HDMI cable to connect the hdmi output to the TV. Connect the audio output cables to your Amp.

    Just turn the TV volume down when you are casting.

  • It seems some people can do it with their phone apps. I can't find anyone doing it with a computer. I'd love it though. Currently I switch to a wire connection when needed.

    App that does it for your phone:

  • This would be a fantastic feature. I'm in the same boat. I want to be able to play just the video via Videostream and audio video my computer.

  • Hello
    I find this post when I search google for this problem.
    This post is old so there is any update with solution for this problem?

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