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    Automatic Memory Allocation and Deallocation using Garbage Collector
    Java And Java Assignment Help was designed to be cross-platform (even to run on toasters) and is probably the most used programming language in business. It is very similar to a beginner's version of C++ with the more complicated features removed, and despite the name, it has nothing to do with Javascript. Java is object orientated and you have to use classes in order to program in it. Java is not compiled but is instead a virtual machine that uses a byte code, which is called the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), and runs code from a JAR (Java Archive) file. Java Assignment Help uses exceptions to indicate errors, some exceptions must be handled by the code and you use to try and catch to deal with them. Unlike C, it handles the memory allocation and deallocation automatically using a garbage collector, which means when you no longer need the memory it can be freed automatically.
    I/O with byte and character streams
    Java And Java Assignment Help carries out input and output operations through an abstraction process called a stream. Streams in Java are in two basic types; the byte stream and the character stream, with each type performing a specific task. The byte stream, as the name suggests, handles the input and output of bytes. The character stream, on the other hand, handles the input and output of characters. The byte stream manages 8-bit bytes of binary data and the character stream handles 16-bit Unicode characters. When Java was introduced, it didn’t have character streams, all input and output functions were byte-oriented. Also Provides Information Related To The invention of character streams in subsequent versions of Java made the language more efficient and convenient in terms of handling data streams.
    Map framework
    The Java Map Framework is organized on the basis of keys. Each map contains a key and value pair, commonly referred to as the entry, and each key is unique based on the data it represents. Maps allow users to search, delete, or update various elements using keys.

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