Is it possible to stream over a local wifi network with no internet connectivity?

  • I am wondering if there is some way to cast videostream from my media PC that is connected to my local network by ethernet cable to my chromecast which is connected via the local wifi without my local network being connected to the internet?

  • Does it NOT work? Is it videostream that requires internet? Cause chromecast shouldn't.

  • It works for chromecast but not for videostream.

  • It's unclear what your configuration is but if you have a group of PC's and the files you want to cast are on shared network resources, that is you can open the file on the pc your on and you use chrome with the google google cast and videostream extensions then yes, it will work. Any device such as a ASUS router that supports Samba or another PC with network shares with the proper share setup should work, I do it everyday. You should not need the internet to do this, as long as you can open the remote files on the local PC.

  • I have the same problem but i only cast directly from PC and when i disconnect from internet it does not work.

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