Show exact timming in time bar when mouse is up

  • Hey all again,

    One thing that I miss in videostream is when you stop the movie in some part of it, and after need to play again, you have to keep searching for the exact time you stopped (ofc, if you took note of it ). So would be nice/easier if when you put the mouse somewhere in the time bar, it shows that exact time you wanna jump to, this way you can go directly to that timming.


  • Consider this added to the todo list - definitely agree that this is annoying as hell lol :P

    (We actually meant to add this in the last release but we just ran out of time)

  • Great, this is a very nice addition :)

    A follow up suggestion is fine-trimming in the android app, if this isn't already going to be a feature in the new app ;)

    What I mean is;
    for example dragging the finger upwards from the seek bar reduces the amount it moves forward - kind of like on iOS movies. This way you have more precision seeking on mobile, as jumping 1 minute in a long movie is very challenging hah ^^

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