Repeated Scanning Issue

  • For a few weeks now every time I attempt to browse my library I can get through 10-15 media files before the app starts "Scanning" again and I get jerked back to the top of the list. It makes it very frustrating to try and find something to watch.

  • I have the same issue. As I'm scrolling down the list of videos on the tablet by swiping with my finger, it refreshes ("Scanning files") the display approximately every 15-20 sec and resets the display to the beginning of the list.
    If I grab and scroll down using the scroll bar on the right, it doesn't exhibit this behavior.
    The behavior I expect is scan and refresh when initially started and then refresh/scan only when I manually swipe down from the top of the display. (I'm using an Android Nexus 7 tablet and Windows 7.)

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