water damaged wood flooring

  • An occasional spill will not lead to mold to the wood's tannins to alter shade or perhaps produce a cupped look. Continuous humidity overtime is necessary for all these issues to manifest themselves.
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    If you are discovering staining by doors or windows, it is very likely that water is leaking beneath the door down or down the framing on a badly installed or old window. Frequently, particularly around windows, you will see signs of water onto the drywall in the shape of peeling paint or discoloration.

    More commonly, we will discover water damage on timber flooring, which was due to water's internal resources.

    If you have hot water heating in your house with springs installed in every area, you need to investigate whether those links into the radiator are leaking. Since the valves and connectors are over the ground, you're going to be able to perform a visual inspection to spot leaks.

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