How Can You Connect Lexmark printer to WiFi without CD?

  • Guessing– How to Connect Lexmark printer to WiFi without CD? Well, you can do it by following some key points such as:
     Launch the Lexmark printer’s web interface from your browser.
     Go to the Settings and choose the option– Network.
     Under Network, you can select the wireless option.
     Next, you can configure all settings under the Configuration and Security Settings.
     Hit on the Submit button.
     Switch off your printer and disconnect the Ethernet cable from the backside of the printer.
     Power on the printer and wait till the time Ready is displayed before you on the screen.
     Now, you can print a network setup page to check if your printer has joined the wireless network.
     Finally, you can check the Status– Connected and then recognize the IP address.
    Hope with these recommended steps; you will surely resolve your issue.

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