Select more then one video to play at a time

  • It would be nice to be able to select more then one video to play at a time, so that you don't have to keep loading a new video when the current one playing has ended. Perhaps make a playlist of movies to play one after the other automatically!

  • Hello there Videostream Team. I just took you up on your Black Friday offer to upgrade myself to the Premium version of your app/product. I really just wanted to be able to access a playlist from my android device so that I would not have to choose a new video very time after finishing one. I saw that it works fine on the computer, but I do not want to access my playlist from there all the time. You also noted that the Premium version would also soon be able to access all the videos without having to go through the PC as the middleman. What's the deal? Please reply.

    Thank you!

  • As much as $25 for a lifetime sounds like a good deal, the app nore the team has shown very little indication that they will be around that long. These forums are completely dead and despite many issues as reported by the google reviews there seems to be no attempt at fixing them. I expect any day now that the app will break and I will have to go ahead with plexing my entire anime collection instead of keeping it on a network drive.

  • They respond fairly quickly by email, but gotta agree, it would be nice if they were more active here. Even just to acknowledge issues.

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