How do I tag files, so that they show up properly in my library list on the Android app?

  • How does videostream read the meta information for the video files? What tag format does it read and what is the best way to edit the information to get videostream to sort my library the way I want it?

    I have some TV shows that have one listing in the library and when I click that, it enters the full list sorted by season, which is perfect. However, I have other shows where each show is listed in the main library list, which clutters it up.


  • FYI: I have different file types, but I also have some .avi files that sort properly and some that do not.

  • They go just by filename, I think. So if you want them grouped by season and episode, the filename needs to start with SxxEyy where xx is season number and yy is episode number.

    I never have been able to figure out how one is supposed to assign filenames to multi-part episodes. See

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