Videostream crashes after aprrox. 15 minutes

  • Hi,

    I’m successfully running VideoStream on OSX with Chrome and ChromeCast. The only problem is that it never casts any longer than approx. 15 minutes and then it always crashes. Is there a remedy for this?

    Thanks for any help,


  • That is very strange. Do you know if there is any power savings going into effect when you leave the computer alone for 15 minutes? The only other thing I can think of is a memory leak, if the stream is being stranded in RAM then the constants bitrate of it would lead to the 15 minute consistency where the system runs out of memory.

  • I am also having similar problems. The tab where I've chosen the video, that I stream to my chromecast crashes usually after 5-15 minutes. The tab just disappears and reappears with blank "new tab". So I assume that videostream crashes. I've tried different Canary builds, fixing my McAfee antivirus (I read the instructions I found by you, but they werent perfect, but I suppose I made it right), recovered my chromecast to factory settings, recovered my Netgear router to factory settings and even reinstalled the whole windows 10 (This problem really annoys me and I had some spare time.....). Anyways, nothing has helped.

    First time this problem occured to me was about month ago.

    E: My comp specs are are following:
    Intel i7 4770k
    Nvidia GF GTX 780
    8GB of ram
    256GB Samsung ssd

    Windows 10 pro 64bit

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