Increase your Chomecast Performance and banish that dastard Buffering


    I have recently bought and connected to my Chromecast a USB to LAN Network Adaptor, as detailed here:!topic/chromecast/xo_NDh5CZA8

    This has greatly improved my Videostream casting performance. I can now cast a very VERY large video file (6.4GB/40min) with no issue, thats right, no buffering, nothing! Of course your mileage will vary depending on your network config and also your router's throughput.

    The document list ASIX based LAN Adaptors, but I can confirm that the one I had laying around "Realtek 8150 based" work without issue. Its pretty much identical with this one:
    (I am not affiliated with this ebay seller, and cannot verify him/her. Please do your own research before making any purchase)
    Good Luck!

    For the technically savvy, if you have a USB LAN adaptor already lying around and want to know if it will work before gettting a powered OTG cable, have a look here:
    these are the drivers for USB LAN Adaptors which the chromecast has on its firmware, as you can see there is a file "rtl8150.c" thats the adaptor i use.
    (To be accurate, the github link is actually a rooted firmware for the chromecast, but for the purpose of this post it will do.)

  • @isaacchristie

    If you are having any performance issues, look into tweaking your wireless router config. Maybe change channels if you happen to be on a congested one with other people in an apt complex near you. Also with the new chromecast 2 we will finally see 5ghz support.

    You can't abolish buffering on wifi but you only see buffering if you keep seeking, so stop seeking so much. :)

    Big question is, whos chromecast is near an ethernet cable? Heck the whole POINT of using a chromecast and videostream is as a wireless hdmi solution. If I was going to add a wire, I would just add an hdmi wire.

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