App for Android and iOS has more than 25 games and runs without internet

  • Beginning of the year is synonymous with summer, recess and holidays! Although the period is an invitation to fun, we know that the moment in which we live calls for caution when it comes to crowding. Therefore, the entertainment options that allow us to entertain without exposing ourselves have gained such relevance. In this sense, MegaJogos appears as an excellent alternative of fun for the whole family.

    MegaJogos emerged in 2002, as a pioneer website for online card games. In just a few years, he became a national reference in the segment, with regular players spread across the country.

    With the popularization of mobile platforms, it was launched as an application for Android ( download here: Techtodown ) and iOS ( download here ). Today, it is the most complete card and board game app accessed in Brazil and in the world, with more than 250 thousand active users per day, being more than 1 million monthly.

    More than 25 games in a single app
    MegaJogos has more than 25 popular games in a single app and is available in five languages: Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish and English. Soon, German will also be made available.
    In addition to being able to play on your Android phone or iPhone, you can install the software on Windows, macOS and Linux ( learn how by clicking here ). In Windows 10, it can be installed directly via the Microsoft Store ( download here ).

    Top games
    These are some of the main games on the platform:

    Card games - Buraco (Canastra), Tranca, Sueca, Cacheta, Truco and Poker.
    Mega Games

    Board games - Dominoes, Chess, Checkers and Backgammon.
    Mega Games

    Main features of the platform
    With a single registration, you will be able to access your account from multiple devices, fully maintaining your progress and achievements. It is possible to play tournaments with players from all over the world and still get to know them through the platform chat.

    In times of social distance, MegaJogos stands out for allowing you to schedule matches with family and friends, all online and at a distance. There is also the possibility to play alone, with bots, or offline - in case you don't have internet available.

    Mega Games
    Single registration allows the user to play on multiple devices. (Source: Play Store)

    Other features include:

    daily tournaments, with special trophies;

    match statistics;

    daily, weekly, monthly and annual rankings;

    customization of game tables, avatars and different cards (with Copag 139, the most popular traditional deck in Brazil);

    games with easy gameplay, ideal for beginners;

    traditional card games from Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Uruguay, Argentina and other Latin American countries.

    Does not know how to play? Don't worry, as the platform provides the rules and tips for all games, so that everyone can learn. Some of them even have a guided tutorial.

    So, did you like it? Enter the official website of the app by clicking here and start having fun right now!

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