Top ten GPS tracking devices for vehicles in 2021

  • GPS tracking devices are the basis for the working of fleet management systems. By mounting them on an object, one can view its real-time tracking. Due to their huge demand in the telematics industry, the manufacturers remain pretty busy all the time.

    Different types of GPS trackers are available in the market these days. In this blog, we will discuss the top ten of them in detail.

    Americaloc GL 300W:
    If you are looking for an example of the latest GPS tracking device, Americaloc GL 300W GPS Tracker is the one. It comes with CAT M1 technology with long battery life and provides one year of tracking history. The tracking can be done through a computer or any mobile device. Its mobile app is available for both Android and IOS. Americaloc GL 300W offers different configuration options with location updating in 10, 30, and 60 seconds.

    MOTOsafety is a 4G GPS tracker developed for a wide-scale of applications ranging from personal to vehicle tracking. The wireless connectivity feature makes it convenient to link it to any object. It has excellent inbuilt power and does not need extra batteries. A big benefit of MOTOsafety is that its real-time reporting feature. It is preferably used for new drivers to monitor their performance.

    Zubie GL500C12M:
    The Zubie GL500C12M device mainly focuses on ensuring safety and training amateur drivers. It offers excellent monitoring of driver behavior and notifies whenever there is unsafe driving. The best part of this device is its always-on 3G availability that offers convenient connectivity options. You can connect the device with the ZUBIE app to track and monitor the movement of the object.

    Linxup OBD GPS Tracker:
    Linux OBD is a highly economical yet practical GPS tracker with easy installation via the car’s OBS port. Along with the standard tracking features, there is the availability of Google Maps, maintenance tracking, driver performance reports, text and email alerts, etc. Linux OBD is compatible with all the vehicles launched in 1996 and onwards.

    Vyncs GPS Tracker:
    Vyncs tracker is a modern-day device that tracks engine diagnostics, unsafe driver behavior, maintenance requirements, fuel levels, etc. It comes with a tracking app VyncsMiles, that is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. The one-of-a-kind features like roadside assistance and driver scoring system make Vyncs a highly reliable option for ensuring safe driving.

    Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker:
    Optimus 2.0 is an excellent car tracker with an app for both Android and IOS devices. It has a small size and comes with a twin-magnet case that is great to disguise it. The internal motion sensor puts it on standby mode when not in use, improving the battery timing. It allows notifications via SMS and email on pressing the tracker button. The mobile app for live tracking is also available with Optimus 2.0.

    Autobrain is one of the latest tracking devices mentioned in the list. This powerful tracker offers innovative features like trip reports, maintenance alerts, geofence alerts, emergency response, etc. Its mobile app comes with a crash response feature that calls the emergency contact whenever there is a collision. Autobrain has a smart diagnostics feature available that decodes any issues with the vehicle quickly.

    SpyTec GL300:
    SpyTec GL300 is a two-inch tracking device and can be attached to any vehicle ranging from bikes to large commercial trucks. It comes with two-week battery life and has fast-tracking due to 4G usage. The intuitive features like map tracking view, customized boundaries, option to pull historical data make SpyTec GL300 an option to consider. The IOS and Android apps provide real-time notification alerts of the location.

    The Mileage Ace:
    The Mileage Ace uses rapid capture GPS and is custom-built to create accurate mileage logs. It comes with a vast internal memory that can keep a vast amount of data. The automatically-generated mileage logs ensure more accuracy and transparency in the data. The Mileage Ace offers cloud storage, ensuring that there is no loss of useful data.

    Automatic AUT-450C:
    Automatic AUT-450C uses 3G technology to provide live location tracking. The in-built car code scanners help decode different car maintenance issues, including the check engine light. It offers compatibility with IFTTT, Alexa, and Nest, providing several convenient connectivity options. Automatic emergency alerts are a huge benefit to handle accidents effectively.

    GPS tracking devices are an integral component of modern Fleet Management software. The efficiency of these devices determines operational proficiency. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to detail while selecting trackers, and the information mentioned above can help make an informed choice.

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