home security system

  • Hi, guys! Could you please recommend to me any reliable home security system? I want it to be wireless and have a remote control. Also, I am looking for a system that will be actual for a long period.

  • You can just buy the huge dog and be sure that your system will be forever actual

  • Oh, that is better to read some responses on the internet, because the number of firms in this sphere is really huge

  • Hello. I think you should pay attention to some modern brands that produce progressive devices. I use Ajax. You can check their website https://ajax.systems//. They have a big variety of products. You can choose what you need and professional installers will connect those devices to the system. I think it will be actual for a long period because they usually create some new devices. Remote control is available. You can easily operate the system through a phone application. It makes my life easier. Moreover, all the family members can have that app.

  • An interesting thing is this ajax. And could you give a little more detailed information or share a link to the review?

  • Hello. I found a video review on ajax on the Internet. I think you should follow the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSKSZsM7OEcW4JVyxPJUhwg and watch this video on youtube. I think that you can find many more similar videos there. I advise you to read the comments thread, as private opinions are always very important in order to make the right choice. In any case, you are free to choose what is convenient for you. I just shared the info in the end. So don't shoot the messenger. Good luck with your choice!

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