Display last played after playback ends, and Replay option.

  • I've been using Videostream to watch a lot of my TV shows, and one issue that's come up more than once, is I forget what ep was the last one I watched. It would be great if Videostream, at least during the session, would after playback is complete there would be the option to replay the file (cause I fell asleep) and to see what the last file played was, (so I can select the next episode.)

    I get that some people might use this for cough other content, so it would be ideal if it was an option to be enabled, or there was a little [x] to close window showing the last played file.

  • yes this would be great.. I agree. I hope they implement something like this. As I frequently forget which episode im on when I'm bingeing on episodes

  • yay thank you for the update 27 9 2015

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