Android app can't find Chromecast. Everything else can.

  • Hi,

    I initially installed VS on my PC and I can stream things fine from Chrome to my Chromecast. Then I installed the app on my Android (Motorola G 2nd gen), and I paired fine with my computers and can see files. But when I choose a file to stream to the Chromecast, the VS app can't find it; just searches and searches. I'm able to cast fine from other apps on my phone like Youtube and PBS. As far as I can tell, VS is the only app on my phone that can't detect the Chromecast.

    My Chromecast is in a TV that's nowhere near a PC, so if I want to cast things from my couch I have to use a VNC client to remote into my PC and cast from the VS app in my browser. Hardly user friendly.

    If I can get this to work I'll happily throw money at the screen for premium.


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