How to Contact Netflix Phone Number 1-800-383-368 Australia- For Sign In Issues

  • To use Netflix you must first sign up. This can be done from side to side the various devices platforms on offer (web, Android, iOS, Fire TV, Chromecast), or you can go online and do it from the Netflix website. As this is a monthly service, you will need to enter in your card details.
    The process is easy to understand. You will need to prefer a password and email address to add access to Netflix on any device and then fill out different other fields. Try to pick a tricky password or risk others 'borrowing' your account.
    If your money are good and everything checks out, you should be up and running in no time. If not, you should contact Netflix and get the creases ironed out.

    Step by step information on how to sign in to a Netflix account.


     These steps need an active Netflix account that allows the screening of infinite online content, access to a high-speed Internet connection, and a PC with Internet access.
    If you do not have a Netflix account, please visit
    and follow the on-screen instruction.
    Got a Smart TV? There's a good chance you can watch Netflix without any external device. The majority, if not all, smart TVs will have a Netflix app either pre-installed or one that can be downloaded.
    If the app is pre-installed already, you just have to find it and run it. There should be a button that takes you to a TV's smart menu (on a Samsung, for instance, it's the intensely coloured cube thing). Here you can either prefer to run the app and then, when prompted, enter in your email address and password.
    If the app is missing or you can't find it, you can try to search for it if the smart TV has a search function. Fading that, head to your TV's app store and then search for Netflix. Once found, choose to download and install.
    Now either run the app there and then if you can, or go back to where you would recurrently find pre-installed apps and fire it up.

    What to Do:

    1. Select Netflix Instant Streaming icon from the HOME Menu, and tap "Open."
    2. Select the box labeled "Email," enter the Email address associated with your account, and then select "Enter."
    3. Select the box labeled "Password," enter the Password associated with your account, and then select "Enter."
    4. Select "Continue."
    5. Once activation is complete, your system will automatically display the Instant Queue.
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