After update PC goes to sleep during a movie.

  • Hey all,
    Tonight after the last update (here was 22:00 GMT-3) I started to watch a movie, and then after 30 min my PC went to sleep (while playing the movie). That never happened before, the action of "sleep" were blocked while playing movies, but now, here at least, it isnt. It's annoying, but not a big problem of course. I dont know if it is because of pro/free version, I got the pro version but after update I dont know where to see if I got the right version installed.


  • Yep, I can confirm that this happens. It's extremely annoying and we'll fix it asap!

  • Hey, is this problem supposed to have been fixed. I still have the problem. I have to wake up my PC during the movie.

  • I'm curious, does going into your power settings and disabling sleep fix it?

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