It works great from my wifi laptop?

  • It was working great from my wifi dell laptop to tv from chromecast. I have the premium version and that is good also. Guess what I want to know is my host computer that has my movie external hd on is broadcasting files to laptop downstairs. What I am trying to do is broadcast files from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 to tv from my home network? It works good with laptop but I can't get the tablet to pair with my home network without the aid of laptop being on? Is there anyway of conecting directly from network hd to tablet then to chromecast? Pair those together? It can't find my router I have a WRT 1900 AC Dual Band Router Linksys. Not sure how to make it work. Will not pair only way would be if my host computer had wifi on it and it does not just from router signal to hard drives from windows 7 network. Older system no wifi like the laptop has build in transmitter? Suggestions?

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