Finer Volume Control

  • Hey Guys,

    Would it possible to implement a finer volume control? Also perhaps make volume bar longer.


  • @Jason-from-Videostream @acidhax @matt @grahamkennery Guys, not sure if you'll missed this request. Lifetime Member here. I understand you'll are busy, just checking if this was considered. Thanks.
    Also how much work would it take to implement a "Volume Normalizer" some files I stream have a huge difference in loud and soft sounds making me play with the remote perpetually. If I understand correctly ffmpeg might have this function, just need your fine skillz to implement a option.

    Thanks again guys,
    Huge Videostream Fan

  • I also just saw the team page on the website, is acidhax no longer on this project?

  • Talked to Issac over email - just replying here saying that finer volume control is scheduled for the next feature blitz we do :)

    Volume normalization is a little trickier but is something we want to do down the line :)

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