ayurveda ashram kerala

  • The space inside the ayurveda ashram kerala creates a positive aura with peaceful and serene charm. The ashram is built and well-maintained with herbal gardens to improve the positivity in and order the healing center. The ashram environment embodies not only physical healing techniques but also works deep on giving a spiritual retreat and inner healing tactics. Different types of ayurvedic treatment facilities include panchakarma,yoga, meditation, psychotherapy,etc. Ashram's arena is rich with serene and peaceful surroundings and it could be experienced as soon as you enter the ashram.Reputation of 70 years under the guidance of the best ayurvedic experts has made us the top ayurvedic healing center in Kerala. The trained and experienced professionals at our organization support and encourage you throughout clearing all your doubts regarding treatment and various other procedures. Proper care and assistance is essential to provide the right kind of treatment, for the first timers our doctors diagnose the patients by communication and thorough study. A strong bond is built by the caretakers at our healing center to ensure accurate treatment and proper post treatment.Psychic counsellors are one of our biggest assets and they help to overcome emotional issues strongly.

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