App pairs, won't connect to Chromecast

  • Hi - I recently upgraded my router and now I'm running into problems. I've tried the Network Repair Tool and even ran the firewall commands manually in an elevated prompt. I can cast videos manually from my computer. I can even pair my phone with the computer with no issues. The folder list downloads fine and even sees new videos as they're added. I cannot, however, control the playback with my phone anymore. When trying to connect to Chromecast it says "Connecting" for a few seconds, times out, and goes back to the default screen. The video is playing great - I can pause, rewind - do whatever from Chrome, but the mobile app doesn't see the video playing because it can't connect to the Chromecast. Any ideas? The new router is a Linksys WRT 1200AC. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ;]


  • Alright, as is typical with nearly every problem I have, I fix it the moment I post the question. For anyone else having a similar issue, evidently mine was caused by having multiple devices on different bands. The Chromecast was on 2.4Ghz and my computer/phone were on 5Ghz. That's why my phone could see the computer but not the Chromecast. Now why my computer could still see the Chromecast, I have no idea. I changed my phone to the 2.4Ghz, so suddenly I was able to see the Chromecast but not the computer. Changed EVERYTHING to 2.4Ghz, and it's all working fine now. I hate networking =/

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