Microwave disrupts stream

  • Every time I turn on the microwave lately, the once continuous stream gets interrupted, and starts to buffer. I'll try tab casting with the default software to see if this is a hardware issue, but just wondering if anyone else seeing this?

  • It's probably an issue with wireless signal interference.
    Microwave ovens and most common wifi transmitters share the same frequency band(2.4 GHz).
    Changing to a newer router wouldn't help either as chrome cast, as far as I know, only supports 2.4 GHz.

    My suggestions for fixes are:

    • Changing what channel your wifi setup is on.
    • Moving the microwave oven.
    • moving the wifi router.
    • buying a more isolated microwave.
    • using direct connection from the computer to your router (as the chrome cast is still connected this probably won't help).
    • accepting defeat and buy pre-popped popcorn for the next movie night ;-)

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