Streaming Over Android Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • Team,

    First of all, love the application. So much so, in fact, I just purchased Lifetime Premium to support your efforts. Pretty much makes my $1,000+ HTPCs obsolete. Keep up the good work.

    Just wanted to highlight an issue I had noticed. I do a good deal of business travel. The other night, while awkwardly hooking up my laptop via HDMI to the Hotel room flat panel, the thought occurred to me "Why not purchase a Chromecast to use with Videostream while on the road?" Ran down to BestBuy in (insert godforsaken city name of your choice here), grabbed a Chromecast, connected it to the hotspot on my Android phone, setup Videostream on my laptop, and BAM 1080p goodness on the hotel TV!

    Now, the aforementioned issue. I was unable to successfully launch Videos from the Android app, as the phone was continually prompting for me to enable Wi-Fi each time the pop-up for selection of a Chromecast appeared. I was able to successfully control playback of a video if streaming was initiated from the PC. Perhaps there may be a way you could allow for detection of Wi-Fi Hotspot / Tethering so the app knows that Wi-Fi is technically already enabled even though the phone is not connected to any Wi-Fi network?


  • I believe that when your Android phone is in WiFi Hotspot mode, it is not connected to the wifi network it creates. Therefore you won't be able to select/connect to the chromecast since the phone itself is not on the same network as the chromecast.

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