Avoid music matching with the Apple Music service

  • I am contemplating signing up for Apple One, however, Apple Music is something that concerns me. I have a large library of music. Around 115 gigs of music. ringtones free download

    I'm not really interested in the streaming aspect of having my library available everywhere. I want to be able to download music I want to listen to. I do this to decide what I might want to buy. Download it, listen to it. If I like it, then I'll buy it physically.

    The main question, is there any way to avoid the match/upload that would happen if I sign up? All of my music is on a laptop. I can't imagine how long it might take for the whole process to be complete and I don't want titles, album art messed up as I read about often happened to people.

    I contemplated creating a new ID just for Apple Music that would not have the subscription. That's doable as I don't have any digital music purchased at this time. Maybe that would be my only solution?
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