Videostream stopped casting sound

  • Hi,

    Recently Videostream stopped casting any file I play with sound, however the video is working as expected. If I use any other apps like YouTube or SVTPlay I get sound and video without any problems.

    I've tried re-installing Videostream, restarting TV (Chromecast), Chrome on the PC and still nothing. The only thing I can think of is if maybe a Windows Update triggered a change? No antivirus installed, running Windows Firewall on default settings, no new apps installed since when sound was working last night (only Windows Update).

    I'm also using the same files as yesterday and the day before as reference which actually produced both sound an video.

    Anyone else experiencing the same problem with ONLY Videostream?

    // David

  • I just did a system restore (Windows 8.1) to last night and the sound came back again. Now I'll just have to figure out which of the 30-40 updates which caused the sound-issue -_-

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