mobile app won't pair with mac

  • I can't get the android mobile app on my samsung phone or samsung tablet to pair with Videostream on my iMac. I can cast video from the iMac directly from Videostream. I can cast and remotely control video from the iMac using both android devices via ES File Explorer. In Videostream when i click on Add computer after a few seconds its says cannot find any computers even though all the devices are on the same network and communicating using other applications. I tried deleting and reinstalling Chrome and the extensions on the iMac but made no difference. Videostream apps on the Android devices are paired fine with my Windows 7 laptop also the same network.
    How to proceed?

    Thanks - Paul

  • I have basically the same issue on my desktop PC that is connected by ethernet. Any solutions?

  • same issue here. wired pc and S5 phone. had to open pc app to pair. mobile app doesnt find anything until i open pc app

  • @zero66 : That's the way it is supposed to work. The app needs to be running on the PC for the phone to communicate with it.

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