Best house boat services

  • The vacation can be even more pleasurable for your body and mind by getting a chance to see the canals, lakes, coconut groves, water birds, village life, etc. Our professionally trained service staff and the modern amenities along with the traditional for more visit kerala houseboats packages cuisines onboard make your voyage remarkable. The varieties of ethnic dishes make your taste buds lively. Cruise with Blue Lotus houseboats is a lifetime and a rare experience that one can have in his/her life. At Blue lotus houseboats, we keep on striving to make the guests even kerala houseboats packages happier and get satisfied through our unique and professional approach to the guests. Our boats come under the golden category with its facilities like uninterruptable power supply and clean water, large front, kitchen, private bath&wash, fine dining, lounge cum sitting, and multiple bedrooms. Our crew includes a cook and caretaker who serve you throughout kerala houseboats packages the entire stay on board. You would visit us kerala houseboats packages once again if you experience our service and stay in the past.

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