How to tell if trans-coding is happening?

  • Hey Guys,

    First off, thanks for the life-time membership discount ;) . My question is pretty much the title.
    I'm curious because I played a large 15.1GB 1080p Bluray Ripped MKV with 6 Channel DTS with a length of 2:49:00, it played good with no hiccups, and CPU activity was minimal. Quick arithmetic shows 1 Sec on average equals to 1.5MB of data, however monitoring network traffic gives me a smaller number. I also know that the chromecast does not natively support DTS so the audio is most likely the only track being transcoded (likely why I see hardly any CPU activity) which if I understand correctly is how you'all have programmed Videostream to work (good job by the way).

    Is there any particular process I can look for in my task manager which will confirm trans-coding is happening? And also I would like to request some kind of live logging advanced users can turn on to see whats going on in the background.


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