Question from the devs!

  • We're debating putting up popular videos section on the site to help people see what's popular on VS and get ideas on what to watch next.

    Let us know below if this is something you're interested in seeing!!!

  • Yes, this would be interesting.

  • Hey,

    Based on the user history or everbodys ? Anyway, it would be good to watch some random videos just to distract.

  • @tuliobarata said:


    It would be in aggregate so it would say what most people are watching kind of thing!

    When you say 'content to distract you' what are you thinking? We're always open to suggestions :)

  • @vammie Wooohooo!

  • As long as it's anonymous, or I can disable it, I'd say it's OK. I actually dont' like the idea of what I'm watching being shared anywhere.

    I just read about a guy who got a $14000 fine, when the "settlements" are typically $3500, for sharing "Dallas Buyers Club", and they tacked on a bunch of other shows as evidence that the "...defendant is a prolific proponent of the BitTorrent distribution system advancing the BitTorrent economy of piracy,”.

  • @ReverendDak YEP! Agreed. Anything anyone ever does should be anonymous and untraceable. It's more just finding the most popular videos that day and publishing them.

  • My concern is what if some people are watching slightly less than legally acquired videos?

  • @eyesofnova It would probably just say "The Walking Dead".

  • @acidhax said:

    @eyesofnova It would probably just say "The Walking Dead".

    or Sons of Anarchy :-D

  • as long as its anon.. I think this would be a good feature.

  • What made my decision to get the membership was the fact that we could watch other shows. However, I haven't see where we can watch anything other that our own videos.

  • To be honest, I think there's a lot of better ways Le Devs could be spending their time. I mean, does anyone really care what a bunch of random people are watching? It's not like I'd be able to click on an item from said lis and have it start streaming, anyway (do correct me if I'm wrong). And being that it'd be based on sheer popularity, it seems unlikely to be a useful way to discover new programming. Data on popular videos isn't exactly hard to find via other venues, albeit not data on Videostream users, but really, it doesn't seem like we're some kind of fringe community with tastes differing so from the currently-surveyed population of internet users as to provide unique insights with value commensurate to the effort required for implementation.

    I mean, if you were to implement a Netflix/Google Now sort of predictive engine based on aggregated metadata, that'd be another story all together, but umm...that sounds like it just might be a bit difficult to pull off, and I'm sure there are plenty of other more worthwhile improvements or projects to spend your valuable coding time on.

    Of course, I could have no idea what I'm talking, the whole thing could be a cinch to add and end up being the killer-feature that brings worldwide attention, turning Videostream into the next Roku or something, eventually being bought out by Google for a price steep enough to buy each of y'all you're own island with enough change leftover to buy Yahoo.

    ....but I'm usually pretty right about these kind of things. ;)

    Your Humble Supporter,

  • I really don't like this idea. -- If you want to do anything like that, add the option to voluntarily share at a prompt if you want to share that info. I don't like extra metadata going down the wire unless its absolutely necessary.

  • Stop it, just dont do it

  • Don't track user patterns unless it's completely anonymously. It would be unforgivable If you were to get hacked and it turns out that despite your best intentions, there is some way for a third party to reverse engineer IP addresses, usernames, hashes, Chromecast IDs, et cetera to identify your individual customers,

  • You could just have people vote for what they're interested in seeing, instead of what they are currently watching. Or, import a list from IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes or something. Then it's not tied to anything illegal or impinging on privacy or whatever. Just a list of shows and an ability to vote them up or down. Or, maybe we users could get together and start our own shared Pinterest Board. :)

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