• Now the world is growing is faster and people does not have enough time in a day. The technology is also growing faster ,so the companies have competitions in their corresponding fields. As well as the technology is growing faster the illegal activities are also growing faster. People are thinking to make money through shortcuts. The technology is very much good but the sides of the technology depends on the way it use. In that sense the technology has both positive as well as negative sides. The technology is used for reducing the effort as well as the hard works of the human. We are reducing the hard work or giving easiness of the life of people through developing tracking systems. We had developed various gps tracking device dubai . The tracking system is very much helpful for the people . Different types of tracking systems are developed by us based on the purpose of use. We had developed tracking system for the school vehicle for tracking school students. So it may be great relaxation for the parents who are sitting in the house or in the work place. The school vehicle tracking system is very much helpful for both the parent as well as for the school management. The gps tracking device uae is very much helpful in the sales field also. The problem faced by the sales department is that the sales employees of the companies are properly working . While using this gps tracking system uae can track the way the sales employees are going. Thus the company can notice that whether they are going to meet the clients or any other way. By this the productive scale of the companies can be raised a lot. Also we are also developed the tracking systems for the cars there by we can track the vehicle in the case of any type of theft is happened .

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