How to Setup Comcast Email in Outlook?

  • To resolve or to get rid of the ‘Comcast webmail login not working’ issue, configure your Comcast email to MS Outlook, and for that, you need to perform the below-given steps accordingly—

    1. Launch the main interface of the MS Outlook application.
    2. Click on ‘Files Group’ and from it, open ‘Account Settings.’
    3. Under it, click on ‘Email Tab’ and select ‘New’ so that ‘Add New Account Wizard’ will pop up in front of you.
    4. Inside the wizard, click on the checkbox that reads— ‘Manual setup or additional server types.’
    5. Then, navigate to ‘Choose Service Page’ and select ‘Internet Email.’
    6. After that, fill the asked information under the ‘User Information’ section.
    7. Now, select either IMAP or POP as your account type to fill the account server settings of the same.
    8. In the end, enter your Comcast login details in the ‘Login Information’ section and click on the ‘Finish’ button.

    That’s it! Now, access your Comcast email account in MS Outlook application to never encounter webmail login, not working issues.

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  • Check some steps to setup comcast email in outlook: Select mail tab and input the email and mail server details provided by comcast. Then, change your outlook express preference to use a comcast email account.

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