• It is a fact that the outbreak of new Corona Virus (COVID-19) has sounded the global alarm and the people around the globe are surprised to find that invisible viruses and bacteria have been around to endanger everyone’s health.Therefore regular disinfection services are absolutely necessary because they can prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Create a safer space and strengthen the protection of groups with low immunity such as elders, children and patients with chronic illness and reduce the risk of infections including pets.

    MEDICSUITE established with a desire to provide bespoke, innovative and sustainable solutions and products. MEDICSUITE’s focus is to provide a full range of epidemic prevention protection for the public and all kinds of crowd activities. Our Products are rigorously sourced and extensively tested. We continue to promote global brands as authorized distributors in the UK and Europe.
    The application of BR Protect keeps the surfaces in medic suite your environment sanitized for up to 100 days. It kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, virusesand fungi within 30 seconds and provides complete disinfection of Surfaces and Objects.

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