Can we pre-set the Cast volume to say 50% ?

  • Hi Team

    I’ve been using your free version of the Videostream app for several months now, to stream to any of my 3 ChromeCast devices.
    The app is so so easy to use, even my 4yr old can do it !

    She love Spongebob, but being only 11minute cartoons, she’s frequently up and down to the PC,
    so I decided a couple of days ago to buy the LifeTime pass from yourselves so that I could make better use of the My Playlist function Smile

    So, as a fully paid up member .... can I offer a suggestion for improvement ?

    Could you have a setting to set the Casted volume start at a default setting ... 100% is ALWAYS way too loud,
    I know I can adjust my tv to suit, but I’d rather it be set from your app.
    I invariably have to adjust it every time to more around 40~50%

    Keep up the great work though


    England, UK

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