Be Creative: Choose a Topic That Inspires You!

  • Most teachers and professors will give you an adequate amount of time to settle on a topic before you begin to gather research. More often than not, your assignment will be focused on a narrow subtopic of a particular subject. For example, an engineering paper may permit you to conduct research about robotics and the latest trends in artificial intelligence. Papers focused on the life sciences, like zoology or marine biology, may require you to conduct in-depth field research; therefore, your topic will take you out into the world to collect fascinating specimens of indigenous insects, plants, fish, algae, or even small mammals.
    When choosing your research paper topic, work within the assigned parameters and find a topic that not only works for you, but allows you to bring something truly fascinating to the table. Explore news and researches in your topic. A research paper won't be boring if you're completely engaged in your topic and taking away a valuable educational experience. Don't stress about getting that coveted "A." Just enjoy the step-by-step process of unraveling the mysteries of an interesting area of research.

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