Subtitles - can they be automatically accessed?

  • Firstly I just have the standard version of Videostream and I can't find any info as to which version I have - I downloaded it about 3 months ago if that is a clue (I would have thought that the About would have a version number!!)

    Anyway - subtitles. I have lots of video.mp4 / pairs on my (Windows 7) PC and if I use any of the standard players (e.g. VLC) then the subtitles appear automatically without any need to do anything further. However if I use Videostream and cast video.mp4 to my ChromeCast TV I have to fiddle about in Videostream to tell it where is. By which time I have to step the video back 30 seconds as I have missed the start. Surely it would be easy to test for the presence of (next to video.mp4) and automatically show the subtitles??

  • Come on guys, at least read this and acknowledge that you have seen it. This would be a very sensible (and fairly industry standard) thing to do with your product :-)

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