How to format the text correctly

  • I went to college and maybe there is still a lot that I don’t know, but I didn’t have time to get used to it and I have no one to ask questions. My first problem is writing assignments, I don't know how to format the text correctly, I don’t know how to make quotes, and I need help with this. Can someone here help me with my essay? I need some quotes from the Bible.

  • It's normal that you are just getting used to college, but you have all the resources to find the information you need. At first I looked for answers to my questions in textbooks, but then I found great educational portals for students, for example, here I found a detailed and accurate description of how I can make mla cite the bible, this may also be useful to you. I think articles like these help you quickly find the information you need and use the latest formatting rules in your writing assignments.

  • Formatting text is not a big deal I check myself it out on few websites like this you can get idea from this.

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